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Whether just for fun or you want to become a commercial pilot, learning how to fly helicopters or taking a scenic flight over the most breath taking scenery on the planet, is an amazing experience that you and your friends will never forget!

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Different courses and the most affordable path to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence in New Zealand. Start your career as a professional pilot today.

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There are no better stories then our client’s stories. Check out what they have to say about their experience with us.

Ellie Porteous

Part-time student

“The instructors are so supportive and really helpful – even though some of them are probably young enough to be my children, they treat me with real respect! I really enjoy getting to know and learning with them.”

Jason Haakman

Commercial License Graduated

“The guys are incredibly friendly, incredibly experienced and their focus is to teach you how to fly helicopters without being a challenge. They make it fun, they make it interesting! All the time you’re having a huge amount of fun.”

Meet our instructors

We are extremely proud of our history, with an accident free track record for all of our team. We have trained hundreds of students from all walks of life and have been personal pilots to some of the highest profile international VIP’s. You need to have a special set of skills to be a pilot or instructor and we believe we have some of the best in the business that work for us. We are excited about teaching you the gift of flying and look forward to taking you on an adventure when you fly with us in safety and comfort.

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Roy Crane

Chief Flying Instructor

Diploma in Aviation

NZQA Approved - Diploma in Aviation (H) from $15,000* upfront payment.

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Student Loans

The NZ Diploma in Aviation – The most affordable path to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence in New Zealand.

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