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A career as a professional commercial pilot is a challenging, diverse and rewarding adventure. Our ex-graduates are flying all over the world in Search and Rescue, Corporate, Tourism, Agriculture, Instructing, Police or Film & TV. You can make your dreams become a reality if you are prepared to work hard to achieve it.

The most affordable way for eligible students to gain their commercial or instructors pilots license is to apply for student loan funding through the Student Loan funded scheme. Please see our NZQA Diploma courses page for full information.

Based from North Shore Airport, once you have passed your PPL-H flight test, your commercial course can begin. You will build on the achievements to date and start with underslung load training. This will fine tune your hovering skills and teach you the importance of power management. Together with advanced navigation exercises and the intricacies of mountainous terrain flying you will be well on your way to obtaining your commercial pilot licence and the start of a new rewarding career.

An average Commercial Pilot Licence (H) will take up to one-year full time (including the PPL-H), but dependent on your commitment and budget, it can be achieved in a lot less than that.

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152 Flight Hours
9-16 Months

Full time & part time options
Must be at least 18 Years
Class 1 medical required

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Did you know

With a global shortage of experienced personnel, it has never been a better time tothink about a career as a Helicopter Pilot!

In NZ we now have over 870 helicopters used in a variety of roles and we lead the world on per capita ownership of just over 4 million people.

With 8% of pilots retiring in the Australiasian region, an increase of new machines between 6-20% – it means theres a demand of over 20%+pa for new pilots

Military trained pilots used to account for 80% of active pilots, now its just 20% and diminishing.

From mid 2016-2018, China has placed significant orders with Airbus (100 helicopters), Bell (150 including 100 407GPX), and Leonardo (55).

The average age of a helo pilot is still an amazing 54yrs old and getting older.

At HAI 2018, it was reported that Asia is expected to take 35% of civil helicopter deliveries in the next 20 years, followed by USA at 20% and Europe at 18%

If the engine stops, the helicopter rotor continues to spin allowing the machine to slowly land, generally without crashing to the ground.

If you include military helicopters it is estimated that there are more than 45,000 operating worldwide.

Our Training Courses & Diplomas

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Diploma in Aviation

NZQA Approved - Diploma in Aviation (H) from $15,000* upfront payment.

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Student Loans

The NZ Diploma in Aviation – The most affordable path to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence in New Zealand.

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