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In the aircraft the Flight Instructor student must learn to cope with a whole new set of challenges. On a simplistic level there is the practical issue of flying the helicopter from the instructors seat. This is not as easy as it sounds and anyone who has ever had to learn to drive on the “wrong” side of the road can attest to how unusual it feels at first.

On a more complex level the Instructor has to learn how to demonstrate all manoeuvres and explain what is happening simultaneously. Often this means having to correct student’s mistakes while calmly explaining the error and the appropriate correction needed.

You will need to hold a CPL-H, Class 1 medical and have a total of 200 flight hours of which 150 hours are to be pilot in command which include specific experiences in mountain, underslung load and navigation flying. You will also be required to do a two-day instructional techniques course. Once those requirements are achieved, you can embark on the 25 hour flying course with further ground and practical training with a qualified instructor.

NB – All students must join and maintain membership of the North Shore Aero Club throughout the period of any training with NSHT or thereafter if they continue to fly at North Shore Airfield

The Flight Instructor course standalone is not part of the NZQA approved diploma course. Full details of the approved course requirements can be found on the NZQA Approved Courses page and by reading the Diploma Student Handbook

NSHT Student Handbook – All Courses 2016

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