Theory Courses

In conjunction with the North Shore Aero Club we are running a 2 week PPL Course and 6 weeks of CPL theory courses. This covers all six exams. No need to study for months on end taking up valuable flying and leisure time. Cover all exams in one big hit, then you’re free to concentrate on the fun part – flying!
Many students struggle to find the time in their busy schedules to knuckle down to study. Our two and six week courses have been designed to give you as much information as you will need to pass the ASL exams.

For PPL: three subjects will be covered each week, for CPL: one subject per week.

You will need to book yourself into the exams, we suggest you book straight away whilst its still fresh or you may want to give yourself further study time giving you flexibility dependent on learning ability and available time frame.

A course manual will be provided for the PPL course. Additional reading can be gained from the Aviation Theory course books which can be purchased individually from North Shore Helicopter Training. We advise you apply for your ASL client number straightaway via the post. It takes a minimum of a week for it to come through. You need this to book any exams.

Course Costs:

PPL two week course = $1300 (Includes heli tech)

CPL six week course = $3000

IFR two week course = $1500

C Cat 4 day ITC course = $1500

BGT two day course = $500

Robinson Safety Awareness Training = $460 + Flight

(All fees must be paid a week prior to the course commencing)
Places are strictly limited – minimum five and maximum twelve students per course keeping the class ratios small enough to maximize students enjoyment and benefit.

Our Training Courses & Diplomas

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Diploma in Aviation

NZQA Approved - Diploma in Aviation (H) from $15,000* upfront payment.

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Student Loans

The NZ Diploma in Aviation – The most affordable path to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence in New Zealand.

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