Helicopter Licences

Helicopter Licences

September 15, 2019

NZQA Approved Diploma in Aviation

North Shore Helicopter Training is the only funded commercial helicopter pilots license organisation in Auckland and the North Island. We offer professional training in New Zealand’s largest city to commercial and private pilots alike.

Helicopter Licences

November 14, 2018

International Students

Whether you are just starting out in aviation or are looking to hour build or improve your skills, New Zealand can offer you flying conditions unrivalled in most countries around the world.

Helicopter Licences

October 22, 2018

Private Pilots Licence

Take your friends flying and skip the traffic with your private pilots licence.

Helicopter Licences

October 22, 2018

Helicopter Introductory Flight

Have a go trial flight! Your chance to take the controls and fly over Auckland’s stunning north Auckland beaches and forests!

Helicopter Licences

October 22, 2018

Commercial Pilots Licence

A career as a professional commercial pilot is a challenging, diverse and rewarding adventure.


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