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We are extremely proud of our track record over twenty years of training people from all backgrounds and countries around the world. Our pilots have either flown for fun and pleasure or they have gone on to fly commercially around New Zealand or challenging jobs around the globe.

Our aim has always been to train the very best private, commercial and instructional pilots. For those who are maybe interested in starting out,  you are not alone!! We have listed a small selection below of some of the hundreds that we have taught over the years. Once you gain your license, you will join the minority who have risen to the challenge and learnt to fly these amazing machines!

Brad Kinsey 2017

  • A Springbok EMS pilot who converted his South African license to a NZ Commercial in a week which was a baptisim of fire! Great effort and hard work paid off. 

Ryan Trounce - C Cat Instructor 2017

  • After several years as ground crew, Ryan has now successfully completed his instructor rating and will start to work with us teaching new students

Rory Underwood - PPL 2017

  • Has successfully passed his PPL and now working towards his CPL and Diploma in Aviation

Dr Simon Kay 2016

  • After an epic journey, Simon has completed his PPL with us and is enjoying his new found freedom flying here and in Canada

Lloyd Greenfield 2017

  • Lloyd completed his PPL and then his Commercial and Diploma in Aviation with us. He also compiled some of our great videos and will be an asset bringing some complimentary skills into the office as well as the cockpit.

Riki Bull - Ivey 2017

  • Completed his PPL in 2016 and CPL and Diploma in Aviation with us. 

Cameron Potter 2016

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation and is now looking to start his career in Christchurch

Jeremy Beck 2016

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation and now has a great opportunity as  ground crew with an agricultural operator

Johs Van Pierce 2016

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation with us and has now secured a role with 12 Apostle Helicopters in Australia 

Jordan Cooke 2016

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation and is now working in the helicopter agricultural industry in the North Island

Joshua Carder 2015

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation with us and has some frost work on offer and would like to do his instructor rating

Bryan Francis 2015

  • Started as a C Cat instructor at the beginning of 2015 with us and has now successfully completed his B Cat and continues to be an asset to our team

Kurtis Smyth 2015

  • Completed his PPL with Helipro and then his CPL and Diploma in Aviation with us and is currently working with agricultural helicopter industry.

Iain MacMartin 2015

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation and has secured a great position with Advanced Flight helicopters in Auckland 

David Till 2015

  • Completed his PPL in 2014 and gained CPL this year to enhance his skills and experience. David is a syndicate owner in an R44 with the dream of owning an H500

Ryan Baldwin 2015

  • Completed his CPL and Diploma in Aviation

Roy Crane 2014

  • Completed his Airline Flight Examiner rating and continues to be CFI with us

Ajit Ramajadin 2014

  • Converted his Indian ATPL to NZ CPL with us and is a contract pilot working throughout India

Greg Stevenson 2013

  • Passed all PPL and CPL exams then completed PPL in 2 months gained his CPL currently working for Skywork Helicopters as Ag pilot flying AS350's with NVG and Night privilages.​

Vaughan Cooper 2013

  • Private pilot who is now working towards his commercial pilots license

Ryan Tattle 2013

  • Working on international superyachts, completed PPL in 2.5 months start to finish :)

Nick Carnahan 2013

  • From Switzerland, completed PPL 2012 CPL in 2013 and will now work in Heli Ski operation in Italy

Annie Windross 2012

  • Completed PPL and owns her own jet ranger with her partner Mark

Scott Moore 2011

  • Completed PPL, working towards CPL

Marc Grise 2011

  • A Super Yacht captain who had an aim of achieving his PPL

Brent Hempel 2012

  • Private Pilot in 2010 and completed Commercial in 2012. 

David Powell 2012

  • Private Owner and C Category Instructor Rating 2012

Clay Taia 2012

  • PPL, 2010 and completed CPL 2012.  Private Owner R44

Steve and penguin!Steve Barry 1999

  • Commercial pilot who has worked in Antarctica, Canada, Guam and currently working in NZfflying the Police helicopter and as a corporate pilot for Advanced Flight

Skiv Devescovi 2002

  • Former Business Operations Manager and B Cat Instructor with North Shore Helicopters
  • Skiv is now Captain for HNZ flying AW139's from New Plymouth

Richard Garrard 1994

  • Chief Pilot for North Shore Helicopters flying a broad range of helicopters and has flown extensively throught the globe

Daniel Janes 2009

  • As of 2016 Dan is now a super yacht Captain, he started and finished his PPL in just over two months with us


Dave "Blue Shark" Morgan 2009

  • Former Master Chief in the NZ Navy and ex Sea Sprite crewman, Dave successfully finished his PPL and after a stint in Soloman Islands, is now crewing for an Australian rescue helicopter south of Melbourne with his new gorgeous wife!

Daizo Over Auckland Airport 001.jpgDaizo Nikkuni 2006»

  • Private pilot from Japan

Bruce Joy 1999

  • A Cat Flight Examniner and now working with WESTPAC Rescue on BK117

Stephen Stirniman 2004

  • From Switzerland,  completed commercial and Instructor rating at NSHT then worked for us as a C Cat Instructor for three years.  

Peter Mews 2009

  •  A neurosurgeon from Australia who completed both his fixed and rotary PPL's whilst in the middle of his thesis... and yes he also had time for his girlfriend!

Ed Sellar 2009

  •  A confused Kiwi who lived in Oz for far too long, who completed his C Cat instructors rating with us and now is one of our instructors gaining experience under the watchful eye of the CFI!!

Nic De Waal 2007

  • Completed his PPL with us and now flying happily around NZ in his own R44

Murray in NEST's S76Murray Plowright 2001»

  • ATPL pilot who's worked for NEST then various organisations overeseas 

Rachel Docherty 2005

  • Completed her private and commercial license and worked for us part time

Barbara Smith 2001

  • Obtained her private and commercial license with us and worked as a CPL for a time

Gary Birchfield 2008

  • Former British Royal Navy who started flying Seakings before moving to NZ
  • Gained his PPL and CPL with us and is now Co-pilot with HNZ 

Richard and friendly turantula.jpgRichard Crook 1998»

  • A highly experienced Commercial pilot who worked in Papua New Guinea, Canada and NZ but unfortunately died in 2008. Crooky will be sorely missed.

Louise Comer 2005

  • Now working in England, Louise completed some hour building and R44 rating here

Tim Hemi 2005

  • Private pilot

Hawkes Bay Trip 11th March 004.jpgGarry Bluett 2005»

  • Businessman and private pilot now flying his own R22 throughout NZ 

Craig O'Brien 2006

  • Completed his C Cat instructors rating and then instructed for NSHT




SubCat_11.jpgAntony Burt 2006

  • Completed his private and his commercial with the aim of working on super yachts

Nick Waite 2006

  • Farmer and private pilot.  Part owner in R44

Roy Crane 2001

  • Came from England to learn, holds a Canadian commercial and now CFI at NSHT

Marsden Cove Marina opening 058.jpgDoug Godfrey 2000»

  • Successful businessman and private pilot who flies his own jetranger

Duane Nostram 2004

  • From USA, obtained a private and commercial license here in NZ

Tim Lockie 2005

  •    Private pilot

 Mark Asquith 2007

  • Dive instructor who worked in Mexico completed his CPL with us

Ashton Wessels 2009

  • A fireman who worked hard to realise his dream of a PPL

DSC03555.JPGAndrew Cronbach 2009»

  • From the UK - Completed his PPL in 2008 and returned in 09 to finish his CPL and take part in thr NZ Helicopter Championship... unfortunetaly he didn't beat his 08 placing of 2nd!!

Peter Maw 2007

  • Peter completed his PPL with us and has now bought a Hughes 300 to complete his CPL

Steve Clark 2007

  • Steve completed his C Cat Instructor rating with us then Instructed with us before working with NSH and now Heletranz

Rickster on passing his PPLCraig Vickery 2008

  • Experienced aerobatic pilot who completed his PPL

Rick Giddy 2008»

  • Rick took his PPL with us and is now looking to buy a share of an R44 to fly for fun and business

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