Action and Adventure

Full Throttle

Indulge all your adrenalin and let us help you fullfil the inner speed demon in some amazing full throttle action.

Lots of people involved in helicopters, tend to like fast cars as well….they are a perfect match.
We have first hand experience of organising some great fun day outs or full blown motor racing events. We know personally the best in the racing business as we are actively involved at multiple levels from top racing drivers, V8 team owners, rally teams and specialist driver training schools.

Whether you want to go at 200kph in a Porsche or learn how to control a car around obstacles or on gravel, we have a range of personnel or corporate action packed options to suit your time and budget…. nothing is impossible!

Option 1 – Track days – Driver Training or Specialist Skills
Option 2 – Rally Driving – Gravel Training
Option 3 – 4×4 Days Out

Contact us today and we know you won’t be disappointed!

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