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2018 - Fees Free Qualifing Student Loan, NZQA Approved - Diploma in Aviation (H) Level 5 inc NZ CPL from $85,000*

Our Level 5 Diploma in Aviation (Helicopter) qualifies for the Governments first year fees free policy.

If as a student you qualify, then it has never been more affordable to gain your commercial helicopter license and your Diploma in Aviation.

From just $15,000 starting contribution (with the balance funded by an interest free student loan), we are proud to offer the least expensive NZQA certified helicopter Diploma Courses to levels 5+6 in New Zealand.

*Eligible students will be able to apply to Studylink for eligibility criteria to fund part of their course through the TEC student loan funding and allowances programme. Our Level 5 is the least expensive Diploma in New Zealand. Contact us for more details!

Detailed information, including entry criteria, application process, unit standard allocations, IELTS minimums, course costs etc can be found in our Student Handbook combined with the PPL, CPL and Flight Instructor pages on this website. 

Some brief outlines of the courses are listed below but you will need to refer to the full Student Handbook 2018 for full information. 

NZQA External Evaluation Report 2014 

NZ Diploma in Aviation Level 5, General Aviation (Helicopter)

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At North Shore Helicopter Training (NSHT), we provide a NZ Diploma in Aviation, Level 5, General Aviation (Helicopter) course. This course is broken up into different courses and modules with Unit Standards but encompassed into one qualification. The broad outline of the courses are:

Stage 1: Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Stage 2: Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Stage 3: Maintenance Controller, Dangerous Goods, Instrument Rating exam, Turbine exam and other electives available.

NSHT provides helicopter pilot training to meet the requirements of the Private Pilot’s Licence and Commercial Pilot’s Licence syllabus contained in CAR 61 and AC 61 and will ensure that each student is given the opportunity to reach the standard to pass the applicable Flight Test’s.

The course follows a well-established, tried and tested syllabus and sequence of instruction. It is envisaged that a minimum of about 20 weeks is needed to complete the Private Pilot’s Licence, and a further 40 - 50 weeks to complete the Commercial Pilot’s Licence and advanced courses.

Prior to enrolling at NSHT there are certain requirements, prerequisites and pre-screening that has to be completed. This process is laid out in the following:

Enrolment Prerequisites:

1. Download, complete and send  - Student Application Form

Minimum age:

All applicants for the Diploma in Aviation must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for enrolment and 18 years of age to hold a CPL. *

Medical licence:

In order to apply for the Diploma in Aviation you must hold a class 1 NZ Aviation Medical.

-        The medical requirements for a professional pilot are set by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

-        The class 1 medical is an essential requirement to hold a CPL licence. For further information you may visit:


Educational Requirements:

-        Applicants must have achieved 12 credits or better at Level 2 NCEA and have  good passes in English, Maths and science.*

-   Or prior to enrolment all PPL exams must have been completed.*

-       Complete the Service IQ - ADAPT pre-pilot screening test.


-        A good understanding of English is required. You must be able to read, speak and write in English.

-       Where English is a second language a minimum level is IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

-       Pass the English Language Proficiency Test provided by ASL.


Fit and Proper Person checks:

CAA requires all pilots meet certain standards. The criteria for the fit and proper person test are:

  • The applicant’s conviction record for transport safety offences.

  • The applicant’s experience in the transport industry.

  • The applicant’s knowledge of aviation regulatory requirements.

  • The applicant’s history of compliance with transport safety regulatory  requirements.

  • The applicant’s history of physical or mental health or behavioural problems

  • Provide Ministry Of Justice Criminal History Report

Additional requirements:

-        Must be a permanent NZ resident or hold a student study visa.

-    Provide C.V and one personnel reference

-        Paid the applicable course fee, or have funds in place to meet course costs.

-    Complete the Student Selection Test if required

NZ Diploma in Aviation Level 6, Flight Instructor (Helicopter)

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At North Shore Helicopter Training (NSHT), we provide a NZ Diploma in Aviation, Level 6, Flight Instructor (Helicopter) course. This course is broken up into different courses and modules with Unit Standards but encompassed into one qualification. The broad outline of the courses are:

Duration: 72 Weeks        


This Includes:

- CPL Exams and Flight test if required

- P.I.C Hour building

- Instructional Techniques Course

- 25 Dual hours, Flight instructor’s course

- Principles of Flight course

- Briefing programme

- CAA Flight test (Does not include examiners travel costs)

Entry requirements:

- Class 1 Medical

- NZ CPL (H)

- Complete selection process

- Have the unit standards from the Diploma in Aviation Level 5 or equivalent to be awarded.

NB - All students must join and maintain membership of the North Shore Aero Club throughout the period of any training with NSHT or thereafter if they continue to fly at North Shore Airfield.

Student Fee Protection - NSHT is a registered NZQA Private Training Establishment (PTE). All fees paid in advance will be lodged with the Public Trust for your protection. 

It is important that all students ensure they have budgeted for living expenses and any additional training costs that falls outside of the Diploma as laid out in the Student Handbook.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff want to ensure that your training is both rewarding and highly enjoyable. Most of us have been in exactly your position so we know it is a big commitment you are undertaking on many levels.  It is very important that YOU fully understand your commitments throughout the course before your start. Together, we will help you complete the journey to becoming a professional helicopter pilot!


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