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60 - 80 Flight Hours

3 Months +


*Dependent on flight hours completed

Study at your own pace

Must be at least 17 Years

Class 2 or DL9 medical required

Private Pilot Licence (PPL-H)

Our students come from all walks of life, are of all ages and have one common aim: they relish the ultimate challenge of learning how to fly a helicopter and obtaining their private helicopter pilot licence!

Whether your goal is to take your friends flying over the gorgeous kiwi countryside, for lunch at one of the spectacular vineyards, or, you just want to beat the rush hour traffic, then a private helicopter pilot licence gives you the flying freedom to achieve those dreams.

Based out of North Shore Airport in Auckland, our courses are all tailored to your individual requirements and your time frame, so regardless of your other commitments we can support you all the way from your first wobbly hover to passing your flight test.

Your momentous achievement opens up a whole new world of possibilities where you, your family and your friends, will never stop being in awe of what you can do. Once you have passed your license, we will have bigger helicopters for your to use and fly your special people in. You could fly yourself to your favorite vineyard, golf course or holiday home or join us on weekends away on our Heli Safari’s around the country. The options are only limited by your imagination.

We really can make your flying dreams become a reality and you can join the minority who can “slip the surly bonds of earth” – a fantastic feeling!

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