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Heli Skydive

A unique and exclusive New Zealand experience

New Zealand is the biggest skydiving playground in the world. Experience the adrenaline-pumping buzz in one of the country’s most picturesque settings with our team of experienced skydivers and helicopter pilots.

Our team are New Zealand’s leading edge skydiving operators and Civil Aviation Authority certified, will take you on the skydiving experience of a lifetime and are the only skydiving operator in New Zealand offering beach landings.

Our specialist pilots are highly experienced and in 2013 were the drop pilots for several world firsts shown around the world on TV. Melissa Pemberton barrel rolled 5 wing-suits, Red Bull’s Chuck Berry’s “tent” jump and the legendary Yve “Jetman” Rossy who completed 5 jumps with his famous jet wing including formatting on 5 aeroplanes.

We have a range of exciting options, are available for TV/Movie work and can offer bespoke packages to meet your adrenaline desires.

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Heli Skydive

A unique and exclusive New Zealand experience in the biggest skydiving playground in the world.

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