Specialty Courses

80% of accidents and incidents are specifically human factor related!
We offer a range of either short or 2-3 day courses, tailored specifically for the helicopter industry to help all crews and the wider team minimise the casual factors leading to an incident or accident.
Crew Resource Management has been around for decades and has been recently been rebranded as Threat and Error Management. Either way, as humans, we are not perfect and even the most assute professional is prone to making mistakes. We go into detail to understand why and what antidotes we can apply to our daily lives, so we don’t end up as another statistic.

We cover the following topics:
Human Factors
Threat and Error Management
Situational Awareness
Spatial Orientation
Stress and Fatigue

We bring alive a variety of case studies of previous accidents and incidents to help your teams learn from others mistakes and the dynamic environment we work in day to day. Whatever your requirements, our vastly experienced tutors who have extensive civilian and military experience will deliver a program me to meet the needs of your team and your organisation whether large or small.

Our Training Courses & Diplomas

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Diploma in Aviation

NZQA Approved - Diploma in Aviation (H) from $15,000* upfront payment.

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The NZ Diploma in Aviation – The most affordable path to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence in New Zealand.

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